I chose to work with the Acugraph Technology to bridge the gap between ancient healing wisdom and the efficacy of modern-day technology. I see quicker results in treatment and patients gain a big picture understanding of their healthcare and what we are trying to achieve.

What is Acugraph Digital Meridian Technology?

Acugraph is a software system that measures the energy flow in each of the acupuncture channels of the body. Channels can have too much energy (excess) often illustrated when pain is involved, too little (deficiency) in cases of fatigue or anxiety or imbalances from left to right which often occur when energy is blocked and not moving freely throughout the body.

These energy imbalances are what cause the signs and symptoms that patients are experiencing when they come into my office. Using Acugraph allows me to have a full picture of my patients’ current health, track progress between treatments and address underlying disparities that have yet to manifest in the patient.

Who benefits from Acugraph?

Honestly, everyone.

I work with fertility patients and frustration arises because they come to treatments and they are not pregnancy which is their litmus test for success. Acugraph illustrates the incremental progress a woman is making to improve their health and become that much closer to conceiving. My pediatric patients are great candidates because their pulses are immature and hard to feel and read. Mapping the energy of a child is more efficient and effective way to treat. Chronic conditions in which other medical practitioners are at a loss. Acugraph provides a baseline of imbalances and succinct treatment protocol to start making quick changes to health when no one else knew where to start. Wellness patients benefit too! Want to make sure you stay healthy, treat the energetic imbalances in the body before they become a pesky condition.

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