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Nausea is known as an uneasy sensation in the stomach and it is especially associated with the urge to vomit. Although it is not a disease, it is the symptom of other health condition of the body, such as

stomach infections,

motion sickness,

acid reflux,

treatment of cancer,

migraine headaches.

It is seen that pregnant woman also complains of morning sickness and feels like nauseous. Apart from physical health problems, nausea is also caused by

emotional stress or anxiety.

Naturopathy treatment for nausea is an excellent method to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling. Here are some remedies to cure nausea, which is safe to use and pocket-friendly.

Acupressure and Acupuncture

There are many interpretations of acupuncture that, how it actually works? Acupuncture is to inject certain needles into the skin of the body. However, scientists have proved that by injecting a thin and long needle into the certain parts of the body helps in stimulating the nerves which give indications to the brain. After getting these indications, the brain releases hormones, which minimizes the symptoms of nausea and pain. A natural aid for nausea focuses on the treatment like acupuncture, which is much better than any other treatment.

Acupressure is very much identical to acupuncture because, in this method, the message expert gives pressure to the important points of the body, for example, if you put a certain amount of pressure on the wrist, the feeling of vomiting and nausea is reduced effectively. This is a direct and safe approach to cure nausea naturally to the patients gone through heart surgery or cancer treatment.


Lemon and peppermint oil work fantastically well, to provide great relief from nausea. Aromatherapy helps to eliminate the scents, which contribute to nausea and focuses on the scents that make you feel better.

For better results, put two drops of the essential oil on the clean cloth and inhale the scent, you will notice that the uncomfortable feeling of nausea has decreased. This essential oil is also good for massage and will give you relief. If you are allergic to any type of essential oil then dilute the oil with mineral or neutral oil and then apply to your skin.

Vitamin B6

The doses of vitamin B6 are the natural ways to cure nausea. It plays a vital role in reducing the symptoms, especially for pregnant women and improves the condition from morning sickness. Vitamin B6 provides aid to the psychological and physical functions of the body; it improves digestive function and gives relief to indigestion. It is advised that the person suffering from nausea should take 10 to 15 mg of vitamin B6, for two times in a day. But there is a limit of taking Vitamin B6, as it can damage the nerve. The patient should not take more than 100 mg in a day.


Traditionally, ginger has been used to cure nausea and many diseases naturally and thus it also helps in reducing the symptoms of vomiting. Due to its medicinal qualities, it fights against the various stimuli causing nausea. Many studies have proved that ginger controls the patient from vomiting and from the uncomfortable feeling of nausea. Drink ginger tea for better results.

You can make ginger tea at home, by using ginger root. Cut the ginger root into small pieces and put them into the hot boiling water with some herbal tea leaves and let it sit for at least 10 minutes, thereafter strain the ginger tea and drink it for several times in a day. If you do not get the ginger roots then try out the ginger tea available at other grocery stores.

Drink Clear Liquids


It is advised to drink clear and cool liquids like green tea and chamomile tea, in frequent intervals. Chamomile tea is the natural remedy for nausea. The world famous chamomile tea is made up of the chamomile flower. The tea is well known for its medicinal trait, as it improves digestion, diarrhea, motion sickness, vomiting, gastrointestinal problems, and nausea. The tea is good for relaxing the muscles of the intestines, which makes easy for the food to move through the intestines. You will find the chamomile tea at the grocery shops, in pure form or blended with other herbal tea, which has certain medicinal property. You should drink this tea often, to get maximum aid.


Lemon fights with nausea naturally because it is considered as an excellent cleanser, as it washes all the toxins from the body. It makes you feel healthier from the uncomfortable feeling of nausea. You can do anything with lemon, make a lemon juice and add ice cold water and have this drink or simply suck the lemon juice and smell the beautiful fragrance from it. Lemon will help from morning sickness and it is also beneficial for the pregnant woman.

Few More Essential Tips For Avoiding Nausea naturally

Whenever you feel like vomiting, go out and get some fresh air. Take a walk in the garden or terrace or simply just open the windows of your room. Avoid eating oily food, which has fat content as it can worsen the condition. Drink water all the day and try to take the deep breath, which will help in reducing the anxiety naturally. Naturopathy treatment for nausea focuses on acupressure; this is a great treatment for curing nausea.

What to Eat


You should start your day by consuming food like



and toasts.

This food which is high in starch which is good to control the acid formation in the stomach and this helps in calming the stomach. Bland food is also good for your stomach like

boiled potatoes,



and rice.

Include this food in your daily diet as it stimulates the production of mucus in your stomach, which acts as a barrier between the stomach lining and acid in the stomach. This provides relief from nausea naturally.

Eat meals in less quantity and also focus on chilled meals which help from nausea naturally. Make sure you eat comfortable meals that are easy on your stomach to digest like soups and salads. Do not lie down just after eating your meals, sit up for an hour, this will help to release pressure on your stomach.

Main Causes of Nausea

The main causes of nausea are motion sickness, migraine headaches, overeating, flu symptoms, food poisoning, gall bladder disorder, excessive pain due to kidney stones, brain injury, drinking alcohol and medical treatments like surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Nausea is common to pregnant women, they do get morning sickness. Psychological issues like anxiety, fear, exhaustion, and anxiousness are also responsible for causing nausea. But these causes can easily be removed by healing nausea naturally.

Major Symptoms of Nausea

The major symptoms of nausea are not painful but it certainly has a very uncomfortable feeling. There is a feeling of vomiting, dizziness, light headache and diarrhea. When nausea leads to vomiting can make the body dehydrated and this causes dry mouth and lips, eyes full of tears, sunken eyes and you start breathing rapidly. Natural cure for nausea always recommends staying hydrated. Children are at higher risks as they cannot explain the symptoms of nausea so the parents should take good care of them by providing them with clear fluids.

Simple lifestyle modifications in your day to day life will surely reduce the symptoms of nausea to the great extent. Make sure you take small and frequent meals, drink lots of cool and refreshing fluids and go out in the fresh air.

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