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A whooping cough is mainly known as pertussis, it is the highly contagious respiratory infection caused by bacteria. The infection can be transferred very easily from one human being to another and it is seen that the newborn babies and teenagers are more commonly infected, especially this infection is more likely to happen when you have weak immunity. Sometimes these infections last for months, with severe pain and trouble while sneezing and coughing but you can easily cope up with whooping cough through naturopathy, which is a unique medicine to treat any disease without any adverse effect as compared to other medication.

Symptoms of a whooping cough

Many people do not understand the difference between the common cold and whooping cough. Although, the symptoms of a whooping cough is much similar to the common cold in initial stage, like

Nasal congestion,

A dry cough,

Body pain and fatigue,

Sneezing, runny nose and coughing,

Redness and watery eyes.

At first, the patient feels like he is only suffering from common cold but later on, after one or two weeks, the infection becomes worse and the coughing turns into severe one with whoop sound with the high pitch, after that the symptoms of whooping cough appears such as,


Severe exhaustion and tiredness in the body,

Thick phlegm

Feeling of breathlessness and the face may turn out as red and blue.

But these symptoms can be cured easily by following some using naturopathy remedies for whooping cough. It is important to note that the symptoms may vary from person to person, especially in the newborn child. Many times it is observed that the sound of whoop is also absent in adults but there will be constant painful coughing, which is an alarming sign, whereas in the babies the only symptom is the red face and gasping for some oxygen. There are times when babies have the serious illness and they stop breathing for few seconds. But the natural remedies for whooping cough will cure the infection effectively while reducing the maximum symptoms and gives relief to the patient instantly.

Natural Remedies For Whooping Cough

People usually prefer to go for home remedies for normal cold and cough and there are many remedies that are popular for thousands of years. It is important to know that these natural medication provided at home, do help the patient to get relief from the symptoms and builds up the immune system strong, which helps to treat the infection and further protects the body to fight against it. But there are many vaccines available, which gives instant recovery in case of emergency.

Sometimes, it is essential to give vaccines to the small babies who are struggling with the infection. For the long-term benefit, it is always recommended to go for the natural cure for a whooping cough but people do not know much about it. Look at some of the best remedies for the infection treated in an effective method at home.

Steam Inhalation and Aromatherapy

Steam inhalation is the most convenient and famous home remedy to treat whooping cough. It makes your respiration airways open and minimizes the mucus. To make an effective steam inhalation, add few drops of essential oils, in the pot of hot water and then inhale the steam coming out of the hot water. Cover your head with a towel, so that air cannot pass out and you can take the maximum benefit of the steam.

Drink Lot of Fluid

When we catch a cold and that also something like whooping cough, then the best solution to cure whooping cough naturally is to drink a lot of fluid like vegetable or chicken broth, warm water and various vegetable and fruit juices. We tend to lose a lot of liquid from our body while coughing and sneezing and this makes our body dehydrated. We must try our best to keep our body hydrated so that our body within fights up with the infection effectively.


Gargle is a very common method of getting rid of a sore throat, inflammation, and cough. By adding a little bit of salt to the warm water, makes the gargle more effective. Make sure you do the gargle 3 to 4 times a day, to get the soothing effect to your throat. This naturopathy treatment for whooping cough, helps you to get relief soon.


Ginger is the most common ingredient available at home and many of us do not know that it is a medicine to cure any kind of a cough as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and there is a compound called gingerol present in the ginger. It boosts the immunity and helps to recover soon from the infection. Just extract equal quantities of both the ginger juice and mix it with raw honey. Take it for 2 to3 times a day and continue to take it for few days.


Turmeric has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which helps to treat a whooping cough naturally. Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric into one cup of warm milk, drink it every day to get relief from the symptoms of whooping cough. You may also take turmeric supplements, after taking advice from your doctor.


Garlic is another common ingredient easily found in every kitchen. It is a natural antibiotic for whooping cough. To use garlic, you can crush the garlic and add one tablespoon of crushed garlic into a bowl of hot boiling water. And inhale the garlic vapor by covering your head with a clean towel. It is good for all adults as it gives relief from the congestion and coughing. If you like the taste of garlic then eat one or two cloves of garlic, early in the morning.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is loaded with healing properties as it contains antiseptic, antibacterial qualities. It destroys the bacteria causing the whooping cough and eases out the symptoms. Take one glass of warm water and mix one tablespoon of raw honey into this and drink it 2 to3 times a day. It gives relief to a sore throat, instantly you will feel a calm and soothing effect. For good sleep at night, mix one teaspoon of raw honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and have it before going to bed.


Oregano is another beneficial natural medicine for whooping cough, as it helps in curing the respiratory problems like it gives relief from a dry cough and mucus is removed from the lungs easily. Oregano is known as a wonderful herb, used in various exotic dishes, but it also has antispasmodic, antibacterial and some unique medical properties which ease out the coughing and other respiratory problems.

Take a bowl of hot boiling water and mix 6 to7 drops of oregano oil and the inhale the vapor while covering your head with a clean towel. Repeat this 2 to3 times a day to get instant comfort. Or you may rub few drops of the oregano oil and mix it with jojoba oil and olive oil in your chest, and do this before you go to sleep. This will ease out the discomfort due to the coughing and you will have a deep sleep.


We all know that lemon is full of citric acid and this reduces the mucus from the lungs. Lemon increases the immune system of the body and has antiviral, antibacterial properties which combat with a whooping cough naturally. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with one glass of warm water and one teaspoon of raw honey. Drink this 3 to 4 times in a day to get relief. Continue drinking it for a week to get positive results.


Almonds are used to treat many physical problems and both the nuts and oil of almond are good to cure pertussis naturally. Almonds contain antioxidants and phytochemicals, which helps in reducing the symptoms of the infection.
To use almonds, you can soak 6 to 7 almonds, overnight and then remove the skin and make a paste of the nuts. Mix the paste of the almonds with one teaspoon of butter and have it to subside the symptoms. You may have this 2 to 3 times a day. You may also use almond oil to rub on your chest, mix few drops of rosemary or eucalyptus oil or camphor oil. Do this whenever you feel uneasy, you will surely get some relief.


Chamomile is an amazing herbal tea as it has the soothing effect to a sore throat and along with that it also has anti-inflammatory properties. The tea is best known to boost the immunity and thus the patient gets recover soon from the infection. To make this unique tea, you need to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of the chamomile tea to the one cup of boiling hot water and then cover the cup for 5 minutes. After that strain the tea and add few drops of lemon juice and honey, as per your taste. You should drink this tea for few days for at least 3 to 4 times in a day.


Saffron is considered to be the expensive spice and used in the most expensive dishes but we hardly know that the saffron is also used as natural medicine for whooping cough. It has wonderful qualities as it destroys the bacteria causing pertussis. It makes the respiratory process comfortable by loosening the phlegm. Make a simple saffron drink by adding 4 to 5 stigmas of saffron to the half cup of hot water and leave it for 5 minutes. Drink it daily for few days, to get relief soon.

Other Suggestions For Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough

Naturopathy home remedies for a whooping cough, helps the patient to recover soon. While you are having the cough, avoid going out at moisture and cold as it can make your condition worse. Our body constantly fights with a whooping cough and that is the reason it feels exhausted and tired, we should take a lot of rest so that we can support our body to recover soon. When you are sick avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, it makes your body cure faster. Avoid eating food like sugar and starchy food and also other allergic foods and focus on more of fiber and nutrient rich food. When you are coughing and sneezing, make sure you wash your hands quite often, so that you don’t spread the infection to others. Following these simple natural remedies for a whooping cough will cure your infection soon.

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