Nov 202017

By Dr. Jeevan Sampat Jadhav , Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient field of medicine that was founded in India many centuries back. The various measures of treatment in this form of medicine include lifestyle changes when it comes to one’s diet and routine, coupled with herbal medicines, Yogic postures as well as oil massages. Bleeding gums are also one such ailment that can be cured by Ayurveda. Bleeding gums may occur for a variety of reasons including cavities, poor oral hygiene and as a side effect of other, more complicated conditions. Let us find out the Ayurvedic remedies for the same.

– Pitta Dosha: In Ayurveda, bleeding gums are considered an ailment that occurs due to an imbalance of the pitta dosha. It may occur due to the deficiency of vitamins like Vitamin K and other nutrients, as well as a side effect of too much dependency on painkillers like aspirin. Also, it may occur as a side effect of blood cancer and other such fatal diseases. For women, the cause of bleeding gums may also be down to an imbalance of the hormones. Bleeding disorders are usually considered a part of the pitta dosha, as per Ayurveda.
– Shodhana: This is a method of treatment which seeks to purify the body with the help of vamana or emesis. With this purification process, the body is gradually rid of its toxins which can create such bleeding disorders. This does not merely help in the treatment of the symptoms and temporary relief, but it also helps in resetting the body so that the toxins are eliminated along with the problem of bleeding gums.
– Kavala and Gandusha: In these two methods, the patient will be asked to gargle using various ingredients that may be bitter and also those that have astringent properties. Herbal drugs will be prescribed for this purpose so that the base and general health of the teeth are also taken care of. These processes will generally help in strengthening the teeth and gums. In this way, the blood will also be purified locally. One must do regular gargling with the right doses as per the directions of the Ayurvedic doctor, so that the bleeding may stop eventually.
– Stambhana Drugs: In Ayurveda, Stambhana drugs are those which have a blocking effect so that the bleeding may be stemmed. There are various kinds of ingredients that may be used for the same including Amla, Hareetaki, Raisins, Mushta, and others.
– Nasya: As per the chronic state of the condition and the complications involved, the doctor may also prescribe the oil of the Triphala herb which is known for its powerful medicinal properties. A massage with the same or the application of this ingredient in a paste form will help in giving relief.

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