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why an i so tired

The demands of modern life can leave many of us feeling that we just don’t have enough energy keep up. We all know what it feels like to sleep poorly one night and struggle to function well the next day. Well what happens when you feel like this everyday, even after you have had a good nights sleep? It makes you ask, ‘why and I so tired?’

When you are feeling fatigued, it is likely that the powerhouse of your cells – the mitochondria, are not functioning optimally. Every cell in your body contains a mitochondria, which is where your energy production comes from. Without adequate nutrition, your cells are unable to produce the energy that your body needs. 

Nutrients that your mitochondria love – 

B vitamins





Omega-3 essential fatty acids



And vitamins C and D

I encourage all of my clients to rely on their diet for the bulk of their nutrition, rather than supplements. You can never out-supplement a poor diet.

Now I am sure that you have heard it all before, you need to eat a balance of grass-fed protein, healthy fats such as coconut, olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, an abundance of fresh vegetables, a couple of pieces of seasonal fruit, some healthy carbs and adequate water to match your thirst and activity level.

Just as important as what we need to include in our diet, is what we need to avoid in our diet.

This includes – highly processed foods with artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, hydrogenated or ‘trans’ fats, foods that are high in refine sugars, excessive alcohol and caffeine, and foods that you have identified to be hypersensitive too.

It is easy to blame our busy lives for the reason that we are fatigued, and often this is the case. However, this constant state of ‘busy’ can have wide-reaching effects on many body systems. When these systems become out of balanced, then fatigue can set in or be amplified. The tricky part is working out what came first, the fatigue or the body imbalance. Did your fatigue cause an imbalance, or is an imbalance causing your fatigue? Just thinking bout this is enough to make you feel fatigued!

What are some of the underlying causes of fatigue?


Poor sleep


Blood glucose disturbances

Immune dysfunction, including allergies

Mood disturbances

Oxidative stress


Toxic burden

What are some things you can do to quickly improve your energy?

Optimise your sleep – you can do this be reducing evening screen time, developing a regular bedtime, avoid stimulants such as caffeine in the afternoon.

Exercise – physical activity is important for maintaining cellular energy production. Being active can help to address some of the underlying factors that contribute to your fatigue.

Find your purpose and motivation – easier said than done, but feeling positive and being in an environment that you enjoy will definitely put some spring into your step.

Rest – know when your body needs to physically rest, and respect this by giving your body what it needs. Ask, am I mentally tired, or physically tired?

Get out into nature – fresh air and barefeet on the ground can refresh your physical body and your mind.

How can I help you feel more energetic?

  1. I can provide you with the core nutrients that you need to support cellular energy production
  2. We can identify and address any underlying causes of your fatigue
  3. I can provide dietary and lifestyle guidance to help restore and maximise your energy levels.
  4. Help you to implement strategies to use your energy efficiently and stay motivated.

Are you keen to learn some more? Why not book in for your free 15-minute call with me and we can chat some more.

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