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Unani medicines are the real magic; they can cure the most critical diseases and can promote health and well-being of people in a systematic manner.  According to Unani medicine, the management of any malady/disease relies on the conclusion of sickness. Appropriate analysis relies on perception of the patient’s side effects and demeanor. According to experts, these medicines use of herbal remedies, dietary practices, as well as certain alternative therapies.

Unani, similar to Ayurveda, depends on hypothesis of the nearness of the components in the human body. As indicated by adherents of Unani drug, these components are available in liquids and their equalization prompts well-being and their lopsidedness prompts sickness. There are a few Indian colleges committed to Unani prescription, notwithstanding colleges that encourage customary Indian medicinal practices by and large.

College degrees granted for finishing an Unani program incorporate the Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Unani Tib and Surgery, and Bachelor of Unani Medicine with Modern Medicine and Surgery degrees. Few colleges offer post-advanced educations in Unani prescription. In Unani medication, conditions are regularly treated with home grown recipes containing an assortment of common substances.


Thought about a tonic, Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala is said to improve heart wellbeing and help in the treatment of cardiovascular issues like hypertension as well as angina. Ordinarily endorsed medications in Unani prescription likewise incorporate dietary changes, siphon treatment, and medical procedure.


Moreover, various Arab and Persian researchers have added to the advancement of Unani medication. “Unani” signifies “Greek” in Arabic. Unani drug was presented in India around the tenth century. Albeit later logical research on the wellbeing impacts of Unani medication is to a great degree constrained, there’s some proof from creature ponders that specific medicines utilized in Unani prescription may have a few advantages. According to some modern and ancient experts, Unani medication is ideal for rheumatoid joint pain.

In a nutshell

In certain medical tests on rodents, specialists found that Majoon Suranjan may help treat rheumatoid joint pain by lessening aggravation. One of the equations generally utilized in Unani drug is Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad Wala, a readiness that contains many normal substances. It might help anticipate maturing related weaknesses in cerebrum work, recommends a rodent based investigation distributed in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2006. The investigation’s creators confirmed that the cell reinforcement rich equation may enable save to mind wellbeing by securing against the hurtful impacts of free radicals. No doubt, one can believe in such types of medicines because of their absolute guarantee. Today, it is easy to buy unani medicine online from any trusted online store that offer authentic medicines at the best rates. All you need to do is to choose the best online store.

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Dec 252018

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the finest, holistic and traditional systems of health.  The historical backdrop of ayurveda returns to thousand of years. The essential objective of ayurveda has been twofold – advancement of wellbeing and dealing with the illness. Let us explain the  highlights of this incredible arrangement of wellbeing, way of life and prescription of Ayurvedic medication. A standout amongst the most wonderful highlights of ayurvedic treatment or ayurveda is that it isn’t simply a treatment or arrangement of drug.

Ayurveda is basically an all encompassing methodology toward life, wellbeing and sickness the board. Ayurvedic approach incorporates the reasonable utilization of restorative herbs, minerals, diet, way of life, otherworldliness and yoga. Ayurveda has been the pioneer for keeping up the all encompassing methodology in Medicine. Ayurvedic standards are in the essential job for this all encompassing methodology in Medicine. Ayurvedic treatment depends on customized routine for each person. God and nature made every single one of us particularly and Medicine should respect our uniqueness.

Ayurveda represents our singularity in principle and by and by. The customized methodology of Ayurvedic prescription is showed in a few conditions – when we consider the states of ayurveda doshas or humors and select the ayurveda body types, when we pick herbs, when we think about age and time of treatment, when we think about the geographic area of the individual, when we prompt sustenance and way of life, when we assess the individual physical and mental resistance and amid for all intents and purposes many different circumstances. Some therapeutic experts property the development of Social and Preventive Medicine absolutely to Modern Medicine.

Ayurveda ideal from its initiation maintain two essential purposes – upgrade of wellbeing and anticipation of sickness. There are guideposts with respect to count calories, day by day routine, cleanliness, invulnerability boosting and restoration. Ayurveda considers the fitting treatment to that administration which mitigates the ailment and doesn’t bring on some other illness because of treatment. This is realized through adjusting the characteristics and synergistic arranging and plan of restorative herbs. Be that as it may, getting reactions free treatment is the hardest goal for any arrangement of treatment.

Rejuvenative treatment is given such a great amount of significance in Ayurveda that out of eight branches in old Ayurveda, one was completely dedicated to restoration, against maturing, advancement of wellbeing and geriatric wellbeing. Ayurveda considers every person as a physical, social, mental and otherworldly being. For social uprightness, ayurveda bolsters both good and profound standards and instructs that they are basic for the strength of society. Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment is implied mostly for purging of body. Panchakarma detoxes our body completely. The impact of appropriate eating routine and home grown enhancements increments considerably after decontamination treatment. Ayurvedic herbs are the main helpful operator in Ayurveda.

Regular therapeutic herbs are incredible recuperating operators with next to no or no symptoms. A large portion of the employments of Ayurvedic herbs are being approved by present day natural research. A portion of the toxic herbs are utilized after their refinement when they are free of their destructive impact.

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Nov 282018

A standout amongst the most antiquated sciences of living that advances good health is the Ayurvedic. The custom of Ayurvedic medicines depends on the methodology of relieving, mending and reviving body by reestablishing its natural parity. This is the reason people can be seen utilizing such products for shifted needs including rejuvenating skin and reinforcing magnificence of hair.

It is all because of the helpful parts of Ayurvedic that have made individuals to approach for different herbal products. Also, this ascent sought after has driving Ayurvedic products providers to offer their products on the web. As it were, one can without much of a stretch locate the decision of item online these days.

There are numerous more things that ought to be known to people identified with the accessibility and useful parts of Ayurvedic products. Look at the accompanying focuses and find out about such viewpoints in detail.

Keeping up Healthy Digestion

The methodology behind restoring and counteracting assimilation issues is to control abstains from food and keeps up absorption fire. The direction of eating regimen helps in lessening assimilation and in addition sinus clog issues. Adding to it, the products as far as absorption upkeep additionally bolsters exercises including mental clearness, liver capacity, bronchial capacity, cardiovascular capacity and so on.

Remarkable substances of medicines

Ayurvedic medicines accompany one of kind substances. The truth of the matter is that the medicines to fix distinctive health illnesses are extricated from plants that are regularly found in India and different zones of Asia. The medicines are perfect in proactive medications and also preventive measures for surprising health diseases.

Natural and entire herbs

The herbal products are known to help whole homeostasis of the body. As the products are produced using natural herbs, consequently it very well may be said that it helps in the upkeep of homeostasis normally.

Natural Mending

With regards to natural mending, herbal medicines are given inclination everywhere. The truth of the matter is that the natural herbs based medicines don’t accompany any sort of poisonous quality or mischief; this is the reason the medicines can be utilized with no hesitation of hurting the body. Running from the skin afflictions to assimilation issues, sinus issues and so on; the herbal medicines can assist one with experiencing natural mending.

Considering diverse preventive, therapeutic and defensive elements of Ayurvedic products, it has been discovered that the objective of Ayurvedic products is to adjust one’s body, soul and brain through a natural method for recuperating to keep the individual as healthy as could reasonably be expected

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Oct 012015

homeopathic medicines travel kit

Homeopathic medicines for first aid for your travel kit

Using homeopathy for various types of problems, it was a surprise to me to discover that homeopathic remedies are great for emergencies, such as falls, burns, bruises, shocks, bumps, and others.

Unfortunately, when I got hit on the head by a wind-surf mast, I didn’t know that a homeopathic remedy (in that case Arnica) would have helped heal my emotional shock, and the injury. Despite being seen by a doctor at the hotel who ensured that everything was fine, the bad feeling that remained could have been eliminated with Arnica.

Moving pains

It was great to discover that Pulsatilla is good for pains that change place, which reminds me of a trip to India many years ago. My friend Lili began to feel a pain that changed place. All that I could do was a massage and I joked with her that in fact she wanted a complete massage, because the pain went from the back to the leg, then to the stomach and so on. At that time I already used homeopathy, but I didn’t know about its importance as a first aid remedy.

Pain worse by movement

On last winter, a friend injured a nerve in his shoulder, shoveling snow from the sidewalk. The pain was intense and got worse at the slightest movement. He took Bryonia and improvement was rapid and definitive.

Emotional shock

I cut a finger and it bled so much that I got scared and went into shock. It was literally “shocking” because that had never happened to me. Fortunately I could tell my husband to give me four globules of Arnica. It took only a few seconds to stop the shaking and calm me down.

When a consultation with an Homeopath is necessary

  • When you have a chronic condition
  • When you take a first aid remedy and don’t ameliorate in up to three days
  • If you have recurrent diseases and need help to choose the best first aid remedies

So let’s go to the list. It certainly does not cover all possibilities, but it will be of great help in an emergency,  when you’re in the woods, in some distant country, on an airplane or even in car accident near, in the city.

homeopathic medicines travel kit 2


Arnica is the homeopathic remedy  for accidents when the person is in a state of terror, and for any kind of shock and sudden fright. It is very good to be taken at the moment of the event, but also for events that happened in the past (when the sensation of fear remains).

Arnica prevents or reduces bruising, and is indicated for blows to the head. It is very helpful when all body is painful from excessive exertion. It is also good to use during one to two weeks before surgery, continuing for about two weeks after, to prevent or diminish hematomas.

Arsenicum album

For poisoning with vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. For Anxiety, fear, and shortness of breath caused by anxiety.


For severe pains from injury, made worse by movement. When the nerve hurts deep inside. For pains from hard work.


Promotes a good cicatrization, and prevents scars and keloids. It also helps to take away the pain of cuts, and it is good for insect bites and sunburns.


For bruises in areas rich in nerves. For crushed fingers, cuts to the tongue and genitals.

Veratrum album

For sudden collapse in which the person becomes pale, cold and thinks they are going to die. There may be cold sweating, nausea, and cramps.

Dose and potency


For general purposes 30CH potency is a good choice. Take 4 pellets under the tongue for adults and 2 for children, twice to four times per day.

When you are a 100% better stop the homeopathic medicine.

Care with your homeopathic medicines

Make your kit and whenever you travel take it with you. Put the remedies in a transparent bag, so that in airports you can request that security leave them out of the X-ray machine.

Don’t let your homeopathic remedies near camphor and heat. Make sure they are out of reach of children.

For more details and more remedies see the booklet:

Homeopathic Remedies to Keep at Hand

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

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