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The human body requires rather steady and frequent intakes of essential vitamins and minerals in order to perform the biological functions that it needs to. A balanced and varied diet is the preferred means of obtaining essential vitamins and minerals, however nutrient deficiencies can occur even amongst those populations with a bounty of food. As such, supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is an effective means of fortifying one’s diet and boosting nutrient content in a consistent manner.

Are you struggling to prioritise your nutrients? Here are my top 3 recommendations:

One of the most abundant minerals in the body, magnesium is used for a variety of functions including energy production, nervous system function and stress management, muscular relaxation, blood pressure maintenance, blood glucose maintenance and bone health. Avoid taking formulations that include magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate as they are poorly absorbed and can have a laxative effect. Instead opt for magnesium glycinate, magnesium malate and magnesium citrate which are better absorbed.

B Group vitamins
These include vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate (B9) and B12. This group of nutrients have wide spread effects and are used for energy production, nerve tissue conduction, neurotransmitter synthesis (chemicals that regulate mood, concentration, memory, pleasure), red blood cell formation, hormone synthesis and heart health. Whenever possible, select a product that contains B group vitamins in their active forms as these are easily absorbed and can be readily used by the body.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs)
EFAs cannot be produced by the body, yet they are essential for good health. Fish oils are particularly rich in this unique fatty acid. The active ingredients that give fish oil its therapeutic benefits are EPA and DHA. EPA is an essential nutrient that reduces inflammation within our bodies and helps to regulate our mood, whilst DHA supports our central nervous system health and our cardiovascular function. Heavy metals and other impurities easily contaminate fish oils. Thus, when selecting fish oil ensure that your choice of manufacturer maintains a high standard of quality control.

If you’re after additional food and nutritional alternatives, book an appointment with our Naturopath, Julia. Available for consultation on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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