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In today’s stressful times, infertility (an inability to conceive successfully) is becoming more and more prevalent. On top of it, because of the stigma associated with it, despite of the paramount importance in parents trying to conceive, it usually is a taboo topic where people find it difficult to seek help. The cause is often extremely difficult to determine and western medication tends to throw the kitchen sink at this problem through hormonal treatments, fertility drugs and a lot of assisted reproduction techniques designed to fertilize the egg in some way. The results are often mixed bag from these methods and the side effects of these treatments are sometimes very severe for the parents and the potential fetus.

How does homeopathy view this topic? To be fertile and having a healthy ability to reproduce is an important function of every living organism. The problem can be on father’s side or the mother’s side but an inability to reproduce according to homeopathy is indicative of a subtle energetic disturbance in the person’s vital energy which results in the reproductive functions getting disturbed thereby resulting in improper results in the efforts to conceive. Often, I see patients in my practice where the patient comes and sees me for some other chronic complaint, and it gets revealed that the patient along with his/her partner has also been unsuccessfully trying to conceive for an year or two. I have seen very often that under the right homeopathic remedy, not only does the chief complaint resolve, but a successful conception/pregnancy is also achieved. Again, due to the taboo nature of infertility in our society, most of these cases are where I accidentally come up against the infertility problem while I am seeing patients for other complaints. Many of these cases also have some other deep seated problem on the mental or physical planes, thereby confirming the homeopathic view of infertility being a systemic problem requiring a holistic view rather than through a tunnel vision of reproductive health alone.

Let us hope that more and more people are able to seek help for this tough problem, and as a society we rise above our social prejudices, removing the stigma associated with this problem, and are able to view it just like any other chronic systemic complaint. Homeopathic remedies can be a very powerful tool for parents who are not able to conceive successfully as these remedies correct the subtle energetic disturbances which are at the root cause of the problem, and at the same time also correcting any mental stress/anxiety around this problem, leading to healthier relationships between couples, paving the way for healthy functioning of hormonal and reproductive systems.

There are a lot of remedies which can be indicated for this condition, and the choice depends on a lot of factors. It need a careful analysis by a competent homeopath.

The best illustration of this in an 1881 case by HC Allen (the case below taken from reference [1])

A case of infertility cured by homeopathy in 1881 in the words of HC Allen. My annotations are in green below.
G. R., aged forty-five, light brunette, married ten years, general appearance healthy.
For six years has had no discharge of semen during coitus (Coitus means sexual intercourse). Occasionally nocturnal emissions.
Erections usually weak, give out during coitus.
Burning in perineum, worse after going to bed, and when thinking of it. Drawing pains in testicles, with sensation of weakness of genitals. Occasionally itching, dry eruptions in crotch and inner upper surface of thighs and anus.
With the sensation of weakness of genitals his eyes feel weak. Very sensitive to cold and changes of atmosphere.
Takes cold easily, usually affecting nose and throat first with dryness, then with watery catarrh and sneezing, or he has aching pains in different parts of the body and limbs, changing location frequently.
Twenty years ago had African fever.
Never had gonorrhea, syphilis, or other eruptions than those mentioned above.
All other functions normal.
While on a visit to Philadelphia he applied to Dr. Lippe, (Read more about Adolph Lippe) at my advice Dr. Lippe wrote me the following letter :
I find that your patient had diphtheria about ten years ago, and was treated with inappropriate mercurials and gargles by Dr. -.
The character of the attack was that it went from one side to the other and finally back again to the original side. Great weakness, almost paralytic, followed the attack, and he thinks he has never regained his full vigor and usual strength since this illness. His acute cold has always the character of shifting pains and change of location. I have given him a dose of Lac can. Cm.., (This means a remedy named Lac Caninum in 100M potency; Lac Caninum is potentized milk of dog) which may be required to be followed by a dose of Pulsatilla.”
Suffice it to say that my patient never needed the suggested dose of Pulsatilla. (The patient got better on the single dose of Lac Caninum, and never needed the second medicine)
In three months after his visit to Philadelphia his wife was pregnant. She has since borne two remarkably healthy children.
As far as we know Lac can. has no sexual weakness. That fact disturbed Dr. Lippe very little in his selection. He looked deeper and found the cause and the remedy. This is true homeopathic pathology. All the knowledge in the world of the special pathology of this case could not have revealed the remedy to any one. To the homeopathic artist, however, it was revealed, and a man regained his manhood and became the father of two children, after ten years of impotence.

[1] http://www.homeoint.org/seror/nosodes/laccaninum.htm

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