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Natural Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is an illness mainly described as a severe breathing problem, wheezing and coughing. Millions of people are suffering from this disease and you will be surprised to know that, children are also engrossed with it to a large extent. Now you can naturally heal asthma, by following some fruitful remedies. There are several medicines which help to cure the symptoms to some extent, especially when there is an emergency attack but these medicines can turn your asthma into a worse condition when you use them for long time period. Researchers have proved that few medicines have severe side effects, which will make more repeated asthmatic reactions and it also has other side effects like acne, mood changes, yeast growth and damage the immune system and endocrine system. Naturopathy medicines for asthma is a powerful and fruitful method of curing the disease, it helps to avoid the attacks. Try out the natural remedies for asthma as described here and you will get cured naturally.

The Diet Treatment for Asthma

Diet plays a vital role in fighting with the toxins that are present in the environment, restraint from the inflammatory responses and reduce the risk of the food that causes the asthma attack. The patient suffering from asthma should concentrate on the healthy diet which is loaded with antioxidants and are high in nutrients value. The best natural cure for asthma is to eat right kind of foods. Many studies have proved that by consuming a wide range of food which contains high in nutrient value, will make the immune system strong.

Here is the list of all favorable and fruitful food that you must include in your daily diet plan to treat asthma.
Eat bright colored vegetables and fruits.

Eat bright colored vegetables and fruits

Bright colored vegetables are like carrots, beetroots, green leafy vegetables, all kind of root veggies, sweet potatoes and berries, all these food are good for the health of the asthma patients as they contain carotenoids. Carotenoids are found in the vitamin A, which reduce the symptoms of asthma attack and make the mucous membranes healthy which are the line of the air passageways.

Include High Folate Foods in Your Diet

The food which is loaded with folate (vitamin B9), minimizes the inflammation and allergic reactions and also helps in reducing the symptoms like wheezing. The food like beans, nuts, and green leafy veggies are folate food. So include more of this food in your diet and eat them daily to fight with asthma in a natural way.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E Is Good For Asthma Patients

We all know that antioxidants boost our immunity, which helps to fight with various diseases. Vitamin C and vitamin E are full of antioxidants and reduce the inflammation and wheezing, this has been proved in several researchers. Consume citrus fruits like orange, berries, guava and kiwi and vegetables such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers and also herbs like cilantro and parsley are rich in vitamin C. include more of nuts, plants oils, and seeds, which are rich in vitamin E.

Eat Foods which contains Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for minimizing the risk of asthma attack. The best sources of magnesium we find in the food are cocoa, beans, seeds, green vegetables, and nuts. Try to eat all of these daily. Magnesium relaxes the lungs and makes the air pass in and out more smoothly. It also decreases muscle spasming trouble, so fight with asthma in a natural method by including more of magnesium food in your diet.

Probiotics and High Fibre Food

Raw milk is the best source of probiotics, it strengthens the immunity and resolves the problems of digestion. Raw milk is good for children, who suffer from asthma, it protects from the symptoms like allergy reaction and minimizes the symptoms of fever. High fiber food removes toxins from the body and it keeps on feeding the probiotic bacteria, which is healthy for the body. The good source of high fiber and probiotic foods are raw vegetables, beans, seeds, whole grains, and nuts.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is beneficial for reducing the symptoms of asthma in an effective way, as it strengthens the immune system and it eliminates the inflammation of the airways. Consume food like flax seeds and fish like tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel, these are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids.

Naturopathy Supplements For Asthma

Vitamin D

The best naturopathy supplement for asthma is the vitamin D, it increases the immune system and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is advised to the patients to go out in the sun exposure and consume healthy balanced diet. It has been proved that people who intake adequate amount of vitamin D, have the lesser risk of asthma attack.

Vitamin C

The supplements of the vitamin C are loaded with antioxidants and thus boosts the immunity in the body. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes the damage of the free radicals.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B helps in boosting the cognitive function and supports the immune system. The patient of asthma is advised to have asthma supplements.


Zinc deals with the symptoms of stress and increases the immune system. The natural medicine for asthma like zinc helps to improve the body to fight with the disease.


Magnesium helps in minimizing the severe symptoms of asthma. It reduces the stress and anxiety of the patients.

Essential Oils For The Treatment of the Asthma

Essential Oils For The Treatment of the Asthma

Essential oils are excellent to heal asthma naturally, as it gives relief and heal breathing problem, reduces the mucus. Use peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil and add to the hot water and take steam. This will open your airways and reduces inflammation. Oils like lavender, tea tree has a soothing effect, calms your mood. These essential oils are good for rubbing on your chest, before going to bed.

Other Essential Remedies For Asthma

Stay away from irritants in your home, avoid any kind of smoke coming out of cigarrettes, burning of wood or stoves, as these can make your condition worse. Clean your doormats, carpets and also bed sheets, pillows. Try to get some fresh air inside your home, so that you get fresh air. Avoid using chemical based cleaning products and start using natural cleaning products.

Asthma is known as the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which has allergies. It can be environmental or seasonal. You may have allergies with some food. There can be many things around you which can irritate your passage airways and this only causes asthma attack. Make sure you avoid using any of those irritants from your home, that causes the problem. Hope these natural remedies for asthma will be helpful and treat you in a method.

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