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Maintaining oral hygiene is crucial for good health and wellbeing. Oral health represents overall health. Tongue scraping is one of the important healthy practices that most of us ignore. It is equally important as brushing teeth. While many of you may aware about tongue scraping, it is essential to consider the element you use to scrap the tongue.

Tongue scraping is one of the ancient Ayurvedic practices, an oral care solution to improve oral ecology. It is a simple process to remove the buildup of toxins on the surface of the tongue.

Oral care remains incomplete without caring for the tongue. It is often ignored. The tongue is one of the diagnostic organs in Ayurveda and ancient medical practices. Tongue scraping is way more beneficial than getting a cleaner tongue and improving oral health.

Let’s see the importance of tongue scraping and why should you copper to scrape your tongue.

Importance of tongue scraping

Many times, the surface of the tongue builds soft plaque, which affects the taste buds. It inhibits the flavor profile and you cannot enjoy the taste of the food. (Tastes are very important part of natural healing. Every taste carries its own benefit). Malfunction of taste buds due to plaque lead to false cravings. Besides, it also builds plaque on your teeth. Eventually, it disturbs the overall oral health.

Tongue connects not only with your taste sense but also digestion. The buildup of plaque in tongue imparts your digestion and builds the ama (toxins) on your tongue. Tongue scrape helps removal of plaque. It is the base defense against bad odor, gum disease etc.

The tongue is mostly a neglected organ in the body. Regular and so-called healthy practices like brushing twice a day, flossing etc are not sufficient to prevent and remove the buildup of plaque.  Tongue scraping helps to revitalize your tongue and improve oral health.

Tongue scraping is essential because it is connected to internal organs. Every part of the tongue is linked with vital organs of the body. Tongue scraping not only protects oral health but also internal organs.

  • The front part of the tongue is related to upper GI tract, lungs, and heart;
  • The middle part of the tongue is connected with liver, spleen, and stomach;
  • The back part of the tongue relates to the large intestine and kidneys;
  • The tip of the tongue is the location of thyroid and vertical line in the middle of the tongue represents the spine.

Why should you use copper tongue cleaner?

Copper tongue scraper is the best friend to take care of your oral health. Copper is one of the elements with numerous health properties. It is rich in anti-microbial properties. Copper has been for ages regulating the microorganisms like fungi, viruses and bacterium.

When you don’t remove the plaque, it will be reabsorbed into the digestive system which causes imbalances in the body.

Copper tongue cleaner is a one-stop solution to improve your oral hygiene with ease and efficacy. This tongue cleaner is made of pure copper and unalloyed metals which make it the safest product to use. Copper carries antibacterial and anti-plaque properties, which keep the oral diseases at bay. It also refines and improves your taste buds. This tongue cleaner provides optimal benefits over the mouthwashes and toothbrushes that come with inbuilt cleaners.

  • Harness the dual benefit of fresh breath combined with benefits of copper
  • Get rid of bad breath in minutes
  • Refines the taste buds and improves your oral hygiene
  • Copper is non-gagging cleaner made of unalloyed elements with great flexibility
  • Safe, simple, easy to use and clinically recommended

Just glide the tongue a couple of three times with this cleaner and get rid of those unpleasant coats in no time. Banish the chemical mouthwashes and get the fresher, healthier and cleaner mouth.

How to scrape your tongue

  • Before scraping your tongue, take a minute to examine your tongue daily. Note for the color and texture of the tongue. If you notice daily, you can see the accumulation of plaque and monitor the texture of the tongue. Eventually, it also helps in monitoring your health.
  • Scrape your tongue from back to front. Gently glide the copper tongue scraper from back to front to remove plaque.
  • Once you find the scraper collects residue, rinse the scraper and repeat again for minimum 5 times to maximum 10 times.
  • Rinse your mouth and wash the copper tongue scraper with warm water.

Tongue Scrape Vs Tongue Brush

What is the difference between tongue scraping and brushing?

Brushing the tongue will loosen the plaque buildup. It just moves around the plaques and loosens it. It won’t help in
complete removal of plaque. Neither it helps in relishing the taste buds nor does it improve the related internal organs. It fails to meet the ultimate oral ecology.

On the other hand, tongue scraping is an ancient method of maintaining good oral health and more to it. Healthy, plaque-free tongue is a sign of good internal health and immunity. In addition to all these, tongue not only connected with internal organs, but also has the reflex points. It massages the GI tract and cleanses the system.

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