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Our bodies are approximately 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and rest is space. How these five elements behave within you determines your health and wellbeing.

The five element theory

In the five element theory, the first element in this universe is space. The vibration of space creates wind. Blowing wind leads to friction and creates the fire element. Transformation of the fire element creates water and solidification of water elements produce earth. From earth, all organic living creatures, plants, animals, and human beings are created.

Water is highly significant for our health because most of our body is water. Consuming good water is the source of wellbeing and good balance. But for Kaliyuga (the age of ignorance and disease), most of the diseases come from the water. None of the modern chemical and electrical systems can purify the waterenough.

What is the best source of water?

Lake water is considered to be good because it is open to the influence of the sun and the moon. Every day it is purified by the sun energy (fire). In unpolluted environments, rainwater is pure but for most of us living in cities, the pollution in the atmosphere contaminates the rainwater. The local water where you are living is the best water for you providing you sterilise it.

How to purify the water?

According to Ayurveda, only the fire can purify the water elements properly. The main source of fire in this universe is the sun. The next best way to purify our wateris to boil it.

Boiling is an effective way to sterilise and disinfect water. Just taking the water up to the boiling point is enough if the source is pure. Otherwise, it is necessary to boil the water up to 10 minutes.
You can observe the purification process and how it aligns with Ayurvedic philosopy. At first, you will observe bubbles which are heavy like kapha. After some time, they become lighter like pitta and at the end, they become light and airy like vata. When the water reaches the vata level all the toxins have disappeared.

Detox with water

Ancient science says hot water is a universal antidote to every disease. Sipping warm to hot water frequently is vital for treating any health condition. Warm to hot water dilates the channels, removes the blockages, and improves digestion and agni (metabolic fire). Frequency is more important than quantity.

Plain hot water is good enough. But if you want to add flavour or medicinal value to your drink, ginger water is an excellent choice for everyone. It is also pleasant to add turmeric, cumin, fennel, or lemon. Even in the warmer seasons, sipping warm waterin small quantities is good for cleansing and balancing.

Note: Re-boiling water or mixing cool water in hot water is not recommended as it produces ama toxins.

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