Sep 072020

2020 has proven to be a year of trials and growth for all of us. With a new school year just around the corner, it’s important to have an open dialogue with our children about what to expect, how to stay safe and how they can express themselves even with certain restrictions.


Children don’t have the full scope-of-understanding about this virus like us adults do. They may be confused, find it frustrating that they have to cover half of their face (which is a means of self-expression) and not be able to function in a way that they’re used to.

Getting your child a mask that they enjoy may encourage their desire to wear it, thus keeping them and others around them more safe. Affordable and unique masks can be found on sites such as Etsy and can range anywhere from $5-15.

Private sellers make masks with anything from floral print, to superheroes and video game characters such as Spider Man or Fortnite.


Depending on your governing state and the rules that they apply when it comes to COVID-19, you may find your child becoming antsy not being able to play with their friends at recess like they used to. Here are some fun socially-distanced activities that you can incorporate so that kids can still enjoy their play time.

Fitness Relay: Set up into teams of 3 (ensuring everyone is at least 6 feet from one another). Set up cones in front of each team in a straight line to distinguish the start and finish areas. The leader will call out an exercise (jumping jacks, pushups, toe-touches, etc.) and when the leader yells “go!” The first players of each team will run to the cone and perform that exercise. Then, they run back to the starting cone and the next person goes. The first team to have all players finished, wins!

Mirror, Mirror: Players pick a partner and face each other keeping at least 6 feet of distance. One child is deemed the leader, and the others must mirror their movements. Talking and/or giving hints isn’t allowed! So pay close attention. The leader tries to come up with as many movements as possible while the others follow along. Switch leaders after 2 minutes.


There are some mobile apps that can be downloaded on cell phones to help kids stay connected while social distancing. Of course, we encourage family discussions before a game is downloaded to ensure that it lines up with online safety as well as family values.

That being said, a few apps that we have found to be fun include Online Uno (a classic card game), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and even Pokemon Go!


Even with the above suggestions, kids are likely to get stressed and hold tension in their bodies when trying to navigate this new world. If your child shows signs of headaches or stress, show them the below acupressure points so relieve some of their symptoms.

Pericardium 6 – This point is located bilaterally on the underside of the forearm, roughly three finger widths below the wrist crease, between the two tendons. PC6 is a great point to alleviate nausea from pregnancy-related issues, motion sickness, drug reactions, stomach issues, etc.. It’s also an excellent point to calm the mind and spirit.

All things considered, this new school year will be challenging and will break conventional norms. That also means it’s a great opportunity to have conversation with your children and teach them how to still have fun, socialize and spend time with their friends all while prioritizing their health and safety.

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Sep 172015

homeopathy for children

Back to school can be a challenging time for children, leading to physical and emotional ailments which can be treated with homeopathy. This moment of enthusiasm also brings stress, and with it some diseases when the child somatises emotions.

When that happens, a homeopathic remedy can help because it acts in the body and emotions, allowing the child to release feelings that would otherwise show up as physical symptoms.


Low Immunity

For example, children who already have a low immune system are very likely to catch diseases caused by viruses. Anxiety from separating from the mother can cause breathing problems and asthma. Facing bullies can be even more difficult if the child is shy or has low self-esteem.

Usually these problems are transient and are a part of life, but homeopathic medicines can be of great help, especially if the child already is predisposed to having certain kinds of diseases. In those cases a constitutional remedy would help improve health as a whole.

It is very important that constitutional weaknesses be addressed during childhood, when the life force is very strong and responds quickly to homeopathy. Being highly dynamic (by the process of dynamization/potentization) homeopathic remedies easily penetrate the cells, supplying the nutrients they need, and stimulating the life force to achieve self-balance.

Mineral Deficiency

For example, if the child has signs of calcium deficiency (slow development, delayed or slow dentition, late walking or talking) taking supplements of this mineral is often not effective. If the child’s problem is difficulty to absorb calcium, it is unlikely that the supplement will be absorbed as well. But when taking calcium in potentized form, a positive response is very fast.

Forgetting to Drink Water

homeopathy for children

Another point to which parents should be aware of is the fact that in some schools teachers do not pay attention to the amount of water that children take, and they return home with their water and juice intact. Many children also avoid drinking in order not to go to the bathroom because it is dirty. Suppressing the natural movements of the bowels and bladder can lead to serious consequences, and it is up to the parents to demand that schools have better hygiene conditions.

Stress Signs

Signs of stress and tension can be identified in the child’s attitudes and conduct, such as nail biting, aggressive or passive behaviour, and trying to avoid certain people or places.

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This information has only educational purposes and is not intended to treat any diseases, or replace medical treatment.

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