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Essential oils have been used for centuries for perfumes, cosmetics, natural flavoring, religious ceremonies and much more.  However, today the power of the healing aspects of essentials is greatly being realized by health practitioners and the general public alike. Hospitals throughout the U.S. are combing essential oils with post-surgical treatment to:

  • Speed up recovery times
  • Promote better sleep
  • Reduce nausea and digestive discomfort from drug side effects
  • Promote relaxation and better overall mood

Why is Quality Important?

Not all oils are created alike. As an Essential Oils Acupuncturist©, it is important to discuss the difference between commercial versus artisan oils and what you should expect your practitioner to be using in a treatment or what you want in your natural tool box at home.

95% of oils on the market are chemically industrialized which means they have been adulterated somehow.  This can mean that fatty oils or alcohol has been added to reduce the purity and potency of oil but increase the crop yield for sale. Only 5% of the oil has to be pure to be labelled such and organic by definition is only 85% and most often the last 15% is a synthetic. 

More commonly, many times essential oils are blended with an inferior oil or another species to increase yield. For example, most lavender is cross produced with lavandin or spike lavender so they are not true to the name.  Why this is important is that each oil has its own unique therapeutic use and blending with other species or synthetic voids these properties. Bottom line: there is a difference between artisan and commercial essential oils and if they are going to be used clinically or applied to your families, they must be artisan.

doTerra: Tried and True

As a healthcare practitioner, the health and safety of my patients are my responsibility and all the supplements, herbs and products I recommend in my clinic, I use on myself and my family daily including oils and oil-based products. I choose the doTerra line for multiple reasons

  1. They work! I have used other artisan oils in my clinic over the years, but I saw the greatest therapeutic effects in the clinic and with patients’ usage at home to choose doTerra. The reality is to make pure and highest potency oils, you need money and doTerra has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2008 largely due to word of mouth through its users. 85% of doTerra participants are simply consumers with a 65% retention rate.
  2. doTerra uses a Co-Impact Sourcing model, which means they are partner with farmers in the oils’ native countries to increase potency. doTerra invests in many countries riffed with polluted waters, poor education and healthcare options as well as, struggling economies leaving many without jobs to improve the well-being of their residents.
  3. doTerra gives back. doTerra is grateful for its success and gives back to our communities through the Healing Hands organization, the Operation Underground Railroad project to reduce sex trafficking and most recently has opened the Prime Meridian Health Clinic to improve accessibility, outcomes and emphasize holistic care.

All new patients of Natural Family Acupuncture and ANY former Acupuncture by Devon patients receive a free 20-minute introduction to essential oils session with me! Just call 510-998-8027 to schedule.

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