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Prediabetes is a serious health condition which, however, offers a great opportunity to prevent type 2 diabetes or at least defer the disease of type 2 diabetes. Elevated sugar levels in the blood put you at risk of developing type 2 diabetes but you can take the steps to prevent it.

This stage is a precursor of diabetes. In this condition blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not quite enough to diagnose as type 2 diabetes. This precursor condition is also known as impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose, which we can diagnose with simple blood test. We should consider this condition seriously without using any medication or treatment. We can reverse or post pone the diabetes by making simple changes in lifestyle.

Science of prediabetes

Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas and released into the bloodstream. When the body breaks down carbohydrates from the food we eat into glucose, also known as blood sugar, insulin helps the body’s cells to absorb the glucose and use it for energy. If the cells have developed a condition called insulin resistance where in they have lost the sensitivity to insulin, although the body still produces insulin, it is not used effectively, causing glucose to build up in the blood instead of being absorbed by cells. This increase in blood glucose leads to prediabetes, and eventually type 2 diabetes, if left untreated. 

Who is at risk?

Many are undiagnosed and unaware of their condition. This is partially because prediabetes usually has no symptoms. It’s important to know the risk factors. 

You may have pre-diabetes if you:

  • Are overweight.
  • Are age 45 or older.
  • Have a family history of pre – diabetes or type 2 diabetes
  • Are African American, Alaska Native, Hispanic / Latino, or Pacific Islander American,
  • Have hypertension (high blood pressure) or high cholesterol,
  • Participate in physical activity fewer than three times per week,
  • Have had gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant) or have given birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds. 


Although family history and genetics appear to play an important role, especially abdominal fat – and inactivity also seem to be important factors in the development of pre -diabetes.

Diagnosis based on Hbalc

According to American diabetic association A1C less than 5.7 is normal, 5.7–6.4 is prediabetes, 6.5 and above is diabetes.

Naturopathic approach

Nature cure is lifestyle modification science. It strongly believes in prevention. In nature cure we are not treating the disease; we are supporting the body by following the fundamentals of nature. By that body can overcome the disease. As a part of it we have to follow a modified lifestyle. It includes intake of natural & nutritious food, at least 3-4 liters of clean and purified water, regular exercise and adequate sleep.

Naturopathic treatments will enhance the functions of all internal organs and improve the secretions of endocrinal glands in quality and quantity and reduce the insulin resistance. Taking to naturopathic way of life will bring down the weight reducing the unnecessary fat mass from the body to achieve the healthy BMI which will contribute to prevent diabetes.

A study on pre diabetics

  • Group 1: Lifestyle changes. Participants in this group exercised for 30 minutes a day and lowered their caloric and fat intake.
  • Group 2: Diabetes education. This group received information about diet and exercise and took a placebo-a pill without any active medication in it.

The study found that those in lifestyle group had the best benefits, averaging 6kg of weight loss, cutting the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58%over 3years.

  • In addition to lifestyle changes such as achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, increasing physical activity and eating a healthy diet, talk to your healthcare provider about what prevention methods are right for you.

It is time for you to take your health seriously at the first sight of symptoms of pre diabetes, lest you will suffer irrevocably.

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