Nov 202017

By Dr. Sangeeta Varma , Dermatology

HydraFacial is a unique treatment that helps in improving the skin appearance and restore a healthy and youthful skin. The method involves the use of vortex technologies for an advanced skin improvement. Some of the ingredients that are being used for this treatment include hyaluronic acid, red algae extract, magnesium peptides, copper, zinc, seed extract etc. The ingredients being powerful antioxidants acts as a protective shield against the harmful free radicals that damage the skin. It can further protect the skin from the harmful effects of pollution, stress, sunburn, aging etc.

How does the process work?

  1. Exfoliation and cleansing: A tiny tool is used to open the pores of the skin to sweep the top layer of the debris and dead skin cells. The tool is more like a spinning toothbrush that is gently touched and moved throughout the skin, thereby exfoliating the skin.
  2. Acid Peel: The glycolic acid peel is gently rubbed on top of the skin and washed off immediately. A good dermatologist would ensure that not a tingle is felt by the patient undergoing the treatment.
  3. Extraction: The doctor typically uses an instrument called the vortex-extraction nozzle that can successfully create a vacuum. This, in turn, helps to extract the dead skin and the debris of the clogged pore. With a sucking sound, the debris accumulates in a cup-like structure at the base of the machine.
  4. Serum application: This is perhaps the most vital step in the whole procedure. It involves the infusion of serum and antioxidant through the vortex-fusion tool. It helps the skin to gain more elasticity and improve hydration.

Why is this treatment necessary?
It is seen that by mid-teens, 40 percent of the teens face some problems related to acne. After crossing the age of 20, the total amount of collagen in the body reduces by 1 percent every year. Furthermore, studies have shown that most of the skin damage is caused by sunburn. Lastly, UV rays of the sun are the worst culprit towards aging signs. To counter all these factors mentioned above, it makes sense to opt for HydraFacial skin treatment.

The ideal candidate, time and cost:
HydraFacial treatment can be used to treat a wide array of skin conditions. Depending on the specific skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne, aging, dark circle etc, a solution is developed and recommended accordingly. The treatment also depends on the type a skin a person has.

Typically, it takes around half an hour to one hour for each session. The costing depends on the number of sitting that is required to get the issue fixed. It requires around 3-4 sittings at one go to get an issue resolved.

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