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Saturn brings both the blessings and the curses of life- as he gives his wisdom only through the slow ripening of time, effort, suffering, loss and age.

It takes time to learn the deepest, hardest and most important wisdom of life. This wisdom has to be worked for and requires effort to receive. Thus, Saturn pays us in enlightenment for the work, effort, steady actions, that we make over a long period of time. If we don’t adhere to his rules for wisdom, he will make us suffer the consequences.

Saturn moves slowly and methodically, taking 2.5 years to move through each sign. What Saturn offers us is the depth of our being, our humanness, whether through experiencing the human form, the physical body, or through the reactions of our actions.

Life might be easier without him, but it would truly lack depth, lessons learned, and the necessity for consistent effort which is necessary for us to grow and evolve.

Saturn is worth studying, working with, not against. Being very familiar with his ways is vital for life and living. For on the other side of suffering is great alliance with Nature and her wisdom, as well as the sacred Laws of the Universe. This is one of the gifts that Saturn grants us when we are in alignment with Source.

Saturn shifts to Sagittarius at 02:55 am MST, and into Mula nakshastra, where he will be transiting the majority of 2017. This is a powerful re-structuring transit. As the planet of grief moves through the star notorious for adharma (that which is against dharma), it is imperative to stay close to resources, support and guidance that will help you stay true to your inner wisdom, your dharma and life path.

Sagittarius correlates to the 9th house of your natal chart, which is the house of dharma. The 9th house is considered the most auspicious house of the chart, offering support and resources, more than challenges and struggles.

For everyone, understanding their natal 9th house, and how it expresses itself in the chart, will be important right now. As Saturn enlivens the themes of the 9th house during this transit, he will also by default, be activating your natal 9th house themes.

This year, Saturn spends the majority of his time in Mula nakshatra, the first constellation situated in Sagittarius. It will be easy and tempting to succumb to fear and anxiety with this transit. It will provoke challenges and discomfort that might make you lose hope, trust or certainty with your inner light, your inner truth.

This transit of Saturn in Mula can bring great awakening, but only through your diligence, willingness and consistently showing up for your inner wisdom. This process will take your resolve. You must show up for yourself and others repeatedly in order to harvest the power of this process.

What is your highest truth? What intentions are you aligning with right now? What is your heart and soul longing to bring forth into this one precious life?

Saturn will stay in Mula nakshatra until June 21st of 2017. Part of this transit includes his retrograde dance back through this chaotic gandanta (gap). Saturn will retrograde on April 5th, 2017. Saturn will then re-enter Scorpio on June 21st for another four months, before re-entering Sagittarius and Mula nakshatra on October 26th, for the remainder of his 2.5 year transit through this fire sign.

This ongoing lengthy transit will be the most provocative and transformational since Saturn is the slowest moving planet and the grief giver. He impacts the physical body directly and brings ongoing duress because he is so heavy, old and slow. As the planet of grief, this is also an important time to pull out the roots of grief that have been living in your bodies unconsciously.

Attending to your grief process and healing old wounds will be especially important in 2017.

With great diligence however, this can also be a time of strengthening your determination, focus and alignment with dharma. Do not lose hope. Stay connected and aligned with your dreams, desires, goals and passions. These are important resources to help you honor your dharmic path.

As painful as this process of letting go and uprooting will be in the coming months, it’s also an opportunity for great change and transformation. Release and letting go allows new space and possibility to arrive on all levels of your being. How you work with your pain, grief and challenges will determine your outcome.

Remember that there’s always a resource hidden in the challenges. The trick is to find them! It will be important to get extra support, resources and guidance in the months to come to help you transform challenges into possibility.

Do not lose sight of your visions and dreams, goals and aspirations. Stay close to your body and breath and deepen your inner roots.

*Horoscopes are based on your sidereal or Jyotish rising sign, not your Western or Tropical sign. You may also use for your sidereal Moon or Sun sign for extra insight. For these particular horoscopes, understanding where Saturn sits in your natal chart is key. This will determine your relationship with him and how he gives his effects.

As Saturn steps into your 9th house of dharma for the majority of 2017, it’s time to truly enliven your purpose for being alive. This is a very important year for you. Changes, transformations and shifts in how you share your wisdom and gifts with the world are invoked.

This is a vital year of transformation for you as Saturn dips into your unconscious territory, the 8th house. Think of it as a major internal house clearing. You will be forced to look at parts of yourself that you’ve had under lock and key for years.

For the majority of the year, Saturn will be moving through your 7th house. There is a radical release and restructuring process taking place within you and your relationships. It’s time to let go of the people you’ve been hanging on to for no good reason.

Saturn transits your 6th house as it moves into Sagittarius for the majority of 2017. This is a house of conflict, strength and determination as well as a place of overcoming enemies. The enemies you face are parts of yourself that must be honored and healed.

The 5th house is enlivened as Saturn moves to your place of power and passion. It is also the house of children, romance and past life credits. Saturn’s passage through the solar plexus of your chart, increases challenges, hardship and grief with these parts of your life.

The fourth house of heart and home, mother and land, will be the focus of much transformation as Saturn transits through your chest for the majority of 2017. Grief must be digested and released. Attend to your breath, chest and lungs, as well as your emotional body.

This transit of Saturn impacts your third house of courage and creativity, as well as self expression and artistry. Step into your artistic endeavors more fully and use the hands! Write, draw, paint and dance. Find new ways to share yourself with the world.

As Saturn moves out of your head and into your mouth, nourishment becomes the primary theme for you this year. This also marks the tail end of Saturn’s return and major restructuring (only 2.5 years to go!) Work with mouth and speech for greater healing.

This is a time of radical transformation as Saturn moves into your 1st house of self and head. The heaviness of Saturn moving through your head, can bring depression and sadness to the surface. Stay out of the chaos as much as possible and stay grounded.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, moves into your 12th house for the majority of 2017, invoking deep introspection and a need for alone time and retreat. It’s an ending, preparing you for a new Saturn cycle, with new structure and physical body awareness.

Your ruling planet, Saturn, moves to your 11th house of gains for the majority of the year. This is a house of pluses and minuses, requiring you to let go and release, in order for more receptivity. Become more aware of your needs- especially with relationships.

Your career will require consistent effort and action steps in order to receive the rewards of Saturn in your 10th house. There is much power activating in your offering for the world, but you must be diligent and stay true to course. Get plenty of rest and stay on a good routine.

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