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homeopathic medicines travel kit

Homeopathic medicines for first aid for your travel kit

Using homeopathy for various types of problems, it was a surprise to me to discover that homeopathic remedies are great for emergencies, such as falls, burns, bruises, shocks, bumps, and others.

Unfortunately, when I got hit on the head by a wind-surf mast, I didn’t know that a homeopathic remedy (in that case Arnica) would have helped heal my emotional shock, and the injury. Despite being seen by a doctor at the hotel who ensured that everything was fine, the bad feeling that remained could have been eliminated with Arnica.

Moving pains

It was great to discover that Pulsatilla is good for pains that change place, which reminds me of a trip to India many years ago. My friend Lili began to feel a pain that changed place. All that I could do was a massage and I joked with her that in fact she wanted a complete massage, because the pain went from the back to the leg, then to the stomach and so on. At that time I already used homeopathy, but I didn’t know about its importance as a first aid remedy.

Pain worse by movement

On last winter, a friend injured a nerve in his shoulder, shoveling snow from the sidewalk. The pain was intense and got worse at the slightest movement. He took Bryonia and improvement was rapid and definitive.

Emotional shock

I cut a finger and it bled so much that I got scared and went into shock. It was literally “shocking” because that had never happened to me. Fortunately I could tell my husband to give me four globules of Arnica. It took only a few seconds to stop the shaking and calm me down.

When a consultation with an Homeopath is necessary

  • When you have a chronic condition
  • When you take a first aid remedy and don’t ameliorate in up to three days
  • If you have recurrent diseases and need help to choose the best first aid remedies

So let’s go to the list. It certainly does not cover all possibilities, but it will be of great help in an emergency,  when you’re in the woods, in some distant country, on an airplane or even in car accident near, in the city.

homeopathic medicines travel kit 2


Arnica is the homeopathic remedy  for accidents when the person is in a state of terror, and for any kind of shock and sudden fright. It is very good to be taken at the moment of the event, but also for events that happened in the past (when the sensation of fear remains).

Arnica prevents or reduces bruising, and is indicated for blows to the head. It is very helpful when all body is painful from excessive exertion. It is also good to use during one to two weeks before surgery, continuing for about two weeks after, to prevent or diminish hematomas.

Arsenicum album

For poisoning with vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. For Anxiety, fear, and shortness of breath caused by anxiety.


For severe pains from injury, made worse by movement. When the nerve hurts deep inside. For pains from hard work.


Promotes a good cicatrization, and prevents scars and keloids. It also helps to take away the pain of cuts, and it is good for insect bites and sunburns.


For bruises in areas rich in nerves. For crushed fingers, cuts to the tongue and genitals.

Veratrum album

For sudden collapse in which the person becomes pale, cold and thinks they are going to die. There may be cold sweating, nausea, and cramps.

Dose and potency


For general purposes 30CH potency is a good choice. Take 4 pellets under the tongue for adults and 2 for children, twice to four times per day.

When you are a 100% better stop the homeopathic medicine.

Care with your homeopathic medicines

Make your kit and whenever you travel take it with you. Put the remedies in a transparent bag, so that in airports you can request that security leave them out of the X-ray machine.

Don’t let your homeopathic remedies near camphor and heat. Make sure they are out of reach of children.

For more details and more remedies see the booklet:

Homeopathic Remedies to Keep at Hand

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

Maria Alves, DCHM, HOM
Registered Homeopath
#15222 – College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada
Classical Homeopathy
For in-person consultations in Toronto and Durham Area, please call 289-892-3011 or send an e-mail. Remote consultations over Skype available.

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