Mar 172020

To learn more about LifeWave patches and how to use them, check out my Acu-Patching page or set up an Acu-patching consult!

What to know about ordering?

LifeWave patches come in sleeves of 30 patches which will last 30 to 60 days depending on the recommended protocol. The retail price of a 30 day supply costs $79.95, except the X39 patches which are $149.95. I would highly recommend enrolling in a WHOLESALE account. Depending on how many sleeves you purchase, the price per sleeve can be as low as $49.95.

How to set up a wholesale account:

Go to the website:

Next select JOIN and enter in the country you live in.

The wholesale enrollment kit options will then load. Choose the enrollment kit depending on how many sleeves needed for your Acu-patching protocol. For example, the BRONZE kit includes two sleeves and the SILVER kit includes six sleeves.  Once enrolled, you have a wholesale account for life so you can try new products as you like. NOTE: One X39 sleeve equals two of any other sleeve.

Next fill out the form with basic information and payment. **Do not worry about the binary placement for new members. Just keep whatever is selected.**

Once you click on the option title to begin ordering, your cart will pre-fill with an X39 sleeve. If you do not want to purchase this sleeve, please click the X in the right hand corner and then add your desired patch selection.

If you need assistance, please call the office at 510-998-8027 and we will be happy to help.

To learn more about patching on your own, join my Facebook page at Acupuncture by Devon or LifeWave Team Learning.

Happy patching!

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Feb 252020

I am truly grateful for all the recognition I have received over the years, but to be awarded top OAKLAND acupuncturists two years in a row after such a short time is absolutely amazing!

With gratitude,

Dr. Devon

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Oct 112019

I chose to work with the Acugraph Technology to bridge the gap between ancient healing wisdom and the efficacy of modern-day technology. I see quicker results in treatment and patients gain a big picture understanding of their healthcare and what we are trying to achieve.

What is Acugraph Digital Meridian Technology?

Acugraph is a software system that measures the energy flow in each of the acupuncture channels of the body. Channels can have too much energy (excess) often illustrated when pain is involved, too little (deficiency) in cases of fatigue or anxiety or imbalances from left to right which often occur when energy is blocked and not moving freely throughout the body.

These energy imbalances are what cause the signs and symptoms that patients are experiencing when they come into my office. Using Acugraph allows me to have a full picture of my patients’ current health, track progress between treatments and address underlying disparities that have yet to manifest in the patient.

Who benefits from Acugraph?

Honestly, everyone.

I work with fertility patients and frustration arises because they come to treatments and they are not pregnancy which is their litmus test for success. Acugraph illustrates the incremental progress a woman is making to improve their health and become that much closer to conceiving. My pediatric patients are great candidates because their pulses are immature and hard to feel and read. Mapping the energy of a child is more efficient and effective way to treat. Chronic conditions in which other medical practitioners are at a loss. Acugraph provides a baseline of imbalances and succinct treatment protocol to start making quick changes to health when no one else knew where to start. Wellness patients benefit too! Want to make sure you stay healthy, treat the energetic imbalances in the body before they become a pesky condition.

See how Acupuncture by Devon and Acugraph can better your family’s lives.  Book an appointment!

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Aug 042019

Essential oils have been used for centuries for perfumes, cosmetics, natural flavoring, religious ceremonies and much more.  However, today the power of the healing aspects of essentials is greatly being realized by health practitioners and the general public alike. Hospitals throughout the U.S. are combing essential oils with post-surgical treatment to:

  • Speed up recovery times
  • Promote better sleep
  • Reduce nausea and digestive discomfort from drug side effects
  • Promote relaxation and better overall mood

Why is Quality Important?

Not all oils are created alike. As an Essential Oils Acupuncturist©, it is important to discuss the difference between commercial versus artisan oils and what you should expect your practitioner to be using in a treatment or what you want in your natural tool box at home.

95% of oils on the market are chemically industrialized which means they have been adulterated somehow.  This can mean that fatty oils or alcohol has been added to reduce the purity and potency of oil but increase the crop yield for sale. Only 5% of the oil has to be pure to be labelled such and organic by definition is only 85% and most often the last 15% is a synthetic. 

More commonly, many times essential oils are blended with an inferior oil or another species to increase yield. For example, most lavender is cross produced with lavandin or spike lavender so they are not true to the name.  Why this is important is that each oil has its own unique therapeutic use and blending with other species or synthetic voids these properties. Bottom line: there is a difference between artisan and commercial essential oils and if they are going to be used clinically or applied to your families, they must be artisan.

doTerra: Tried and True

As a healthcare practitioner, the health and safety of my patients are my responsibility and all the supplements, herbs and products I recommend in my clinic, I use on myself and my family daily including oils and oil-based products. I choose the doTerra line for multiple reasons

  1. They work! I have used other artisan oils in my clinic over the years, but I saw the greatest therapeutic effects in the clinic and with patients’ usage at home to choose doTerra. The reality is to make pure and highest potency oils, you need money and doTerra has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2008 largely due to word of mouth through its users. 85% of doTerra participants are simply consumers with a 65% retention rate.
  2. doTerra uses a Co-Impact Sourcing model, which means they are partner with farmers in the oils’ native countries to increase potency. doTerra invests in many countries riffed with polluted waters, poor education and healthcare options as well as, struggling economies leaving many without jobs to improve the well-being of their residents.
  3. doTerra gives back. doTerra is grateful for its success and gives back to our communities through the Healing Hands organization, the Operation Underground Railroad project to reduce sex trafficking and most recently has opened the Prime Meridian Health Clinic to improve accessibility, outcomes and emphasize holistic care.

All new patients of Natural Family Acupuncture and ANY former Acupuncture by Devon patients receive a free 20-minute introduction to essential oils session with me! Just call 510-998-8027 to schedule.

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Jan 252018

An abundance of thanks to my amazing patients who have kept me on my toes and provide the feedback I need to be the best acupuncturist I can be.

For the third year in a row I was selected as one of the best acupuncturists in San Diego.  I could not do it without all of you!

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Nov 122017

San Diego Acupuncture Gem

I am happy to announce that I was interviewed by San Diego Voyager as one of San Diego’s gems.  I am always honored to be selected but even more exciting is the word getting out about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Enjoy the read!  My kid is not looking to happy in this picture! LOL.

Meet Devon Vernetti of Acupuncture by Devon in Central

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Sep 182017

Acupuncture for Hair Loss

This month’s post is by guest blogger and Vice President of Hair Loss Revolution, Sarah Hawyard.  Sarah explores the benefits and acupuncture especially its positive effect on hair loss.

To learn more about how to treat your own hair loss, check out her website to learn more at

Photo credit by: Hair Loss Revolution


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Sep 072017

Download Forms

Please complete the appropriate forms and bring them with you to your appointment.

Contact Information

Acupuncture by Devon is located inside Your Healthy Spine, an integrated wellness center at 5005 Texas Street, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92108.

(619) 518-4222

Monday 1:00-6:30 pm
Tuesday 12:00-6:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00-2:00 pm
Thursday 11:30 – 6:30 pm

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Sep 052017

Are you finding it difficult to reach you goal of being a mom or do you just want to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy?

Whatever the reason, Acupuncture by Devon can help. Our goal is to create the healthiest and happiest body to maximize your chances of conceiving or to ease you though your pregnancy. I provide a comprehensive program to target as many factors affecting your fertility. Here is a glimpse at what your conception plan includes.


Infertility is becoming epidemic in the United States. In 2002, 1 in 8 couples were experiencing trouble conceiving with approximately 7.4 million women being impacted. In the New York Times this month, a study reported that sperm count has reduced by 50% since 1973 showing that men are also significantly being affected.

Acupuncture helps in several ways:

  • Increasing blood flow to the uterus to improve endometrial lining
  • Regulating hormones including gonadotropin-releasing hormone to promote ovulation and progesterone to increase implantation and reduce miscarriages
  • Reducing symptoms of PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, cysts and fibroids
  • Supporting the thyroid function for overall hormone support
  • Improving sperm quality and counts in men

Acupuncture may increase the number of follicles produced during an IVF treatment. When used in conjunction with Western fertility treatments, acupuncture increases conception rates by 26%[1]. We are available for IUI, IVF, and donor egg support, as well.

Patients will receive acupuncture treatments weekly based on the phase of the menstrual cycle and the basal body temperatures that they will be required to chart during their health journey. Husbands are also encouraged to seek acupuncture treatments to improve sperm quantity, quality, and motility.

Herbal Formulas & Supplements

Acupuncture by Devon partnered with Conceivable Herbal Formula to provide our patients with highest quality and most effective herbal support. After a cycle of charting basal body temperatures, each patient will receive 3-4 bottles of herbs to be taken during the various phases of your menstruation. These formulas are individualized for each patient according to their chart. Each month these formulas are modified to target areas of improvement in the cycle. Patients can expect to take herbal formulas for 3-4 months with the goal of improving these fertility factors by 80-85%. I also carry the highest quality supplements including prenatal vitamins and folic acid, as well as supplements targeting nutrition and hormonal deficiencies such as vitamin D, anemia, and progesterone.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

According to Psychology Today, current research has shown that the stress levels of women with infertility are equivalent to women with cancer, AIDS, or heart disease[2].  Stress comes in many forms: long hours at the office, poor diet, lack of exercise, and of course trying to become pregnant. In our treatments, we will identify those stressors that most impact your life and develop tools to help you cope. We will also look at your current diet and make recommended changes to improve fertility.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to becoming a mom—book your appointment today!



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Jun 132017

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in an endocrine disorder that causes the sex hormones estrogen and progesterone to be out of balance. This imbalance leads to the development of ovarian cysts which can cause menstrual irregularities and infertility.  While the cause of PCOS is still unknown, women who have PCOS have increased insulin levels, the hormone in charge of sugar and starch usage and storage in the body.  A low glycemic index food diet is important for women who suffer PCOS.

Initially a PCOS patient may show acne due to increased androgen levels in the body and excess hair growth called hirsutism.  Menstrual cycle will be infrequent, irregular and at times absent for many women.  PCOS often lead to difficulties in conceiving due to hormone imbalances and cysts growth on the ovaries.

In my practice, I work with women to eliminate the signs and symptoms of PCOS and assist in improving their chance of pregnancy.  My treatments are a combination of acupuncture, herbs and supplements.

My three favorites supplements for PCOS are:


According to the International Journal of Endocrinology, myo-inositol regulates blood sugar and improves follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) signaling. It also plays a role in the improving egg quality to increase chances of pregnancy.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is necessary to protect against neural tube defects during pregnancy and prevent miscarriage.  PCOS patients are prone to having a B9 vitamin or folic acid deficiency.  Studies have also shown the combination of folic acid and myo-inositol together improve each other’s functionality to reduce acne, reverse hirsutism, correct menstrual irregularities and improve fertility.

Vitamin D

We assume due to the beautiful sunny weather we have in San Diego that we get enough vitamin D, but studies and my patients’ lab tests tell us differently.  While vitamin D is important for strengthening bones, it also affects the way a cell carries out its function affecting fertility.  PCOS patients are also susceptible to vitamin D deficiencies aggravating their symptoms.

To take control of your PCOS, make an appointment today with Dr. Devon at 619-518-4222.

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