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Jul 102018

Throat pain

 Throat pain and the “Like cures like” principle

One of the homeopathic principles is based on healing by the similar. That means that the remedy cures if it causes, in a healthy person, an effect similar to that of the disease symptom. In the example below, a stinging throat pain is cured by bee venom. Conventional medicine is based on the opposite, and so they have anti-inflammatory, anti-fever, and several other “anti” symptoms drugs. The disease is not understood, and its symptoms are attacked and suppressed.

The homeopathic remedy is intelligent and acts as a stimulant of the body, and can lead to healing without side effects. As homeopathic remedies are very diluted and dynamized, they do not intoxicate the body.

Stinging throat pain

In my many personal experiences with homeopathic remedies and quick and definitive cures, the fastest cure was a case of throat pain. I took a warm bath before bed, and I remembered that I had to get something in the yard. It was Summer, and I did not imagine it could be cold, but it had rained, it was windy, and I went out with light clothing. As soon as I came back inside and laid down, I began to feel my throat sore.

A lump formed on the right side of my neck and the pain started extremely strong, as if caused by hot needles. I had never felt anything like that before and it was almost unbearable. It was late at night, I was sleepy, and it was difficult to have the courage to get out of bed to look for a homeopathic remedy.

Choosing Apis mellifica

However, I got up and opened one of my first-aid kits, where I found Apis mellifica, a remedy made from bee venom. I had never taken Apis before,  and I thought “this should cover my pain that is burning and sharp like a bee sting”. I put four globules under my tongue, and laid down. The result was the most incredible I’ve ever experienced: before the globules just finish melting (about two minutes) the pain had totally gone.

I was amazed, slept well and woke up in the morning without any swelling or pain! This remedy actually covers a wide range of symptoms including urinary problems, arthritis, prostate diseases and various other symptoms where there is an inflammatory process. Except in acute cases, it should be used only under the supervision of a homeopathic health professional.

Homeopathy for acute or chronic cases

Although I have been treated with homeopathy for some thirty years, I never cease to be amazed at how wonderful it is. Taking the homeopathic remedy as soon as you feel the first symptoms is very important, because it allows for very quick cures.

In chronic and long-term diseases, it takes patience to achieve improvement, but in general the results are also spectacular. People who suffer from chronic diseases usually need to improve their lifestyle in order to remove possible causes that sustain the problem. changing the homeopathic medicines as the symptoms change is important.

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

Homeopathic consultations

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Jul 042018

summertime colds

Summertime colds and the flu

Why do we have summertime colds and the flu? In general, colds and the flu are more common in Winter, when the cold weather and closed spaces makes us more susceptible to getting ill.

However, even in the Summertime the viruses are in the environment (generally different those common in Winter), and respiratory diseases at this time may be even worse.

Virus transmission

Transmission can be done by saliva and contact with objects touched by someone who is contaminated. For example: putting your hands in a contaminated place and scratching the eyes can cause conjunctivitis. Thus, a little care can help prevent this type of problem, such as  avoiding touching mouth and eyes, and washing your hands as soon as you get home. Abusing the use of air conditioning and cold water, especially when the body is hot, can quickly cause symptoms like sore throat, sneezing and heavy head.

The role of the immune system

The degree of susceptibility to catch a disease varies greatly from one person to another. Two friends may be around someone coughing, and one of them gets the virus while the other does not. Why does this happen? There is no doubt that the person who caught the virus has low immunity. In fact, viruses are all around us all the time, and usually if we are vigorous we have good defenses and do not get sick easily.

Low immunity is linked to chronic diseases, poor diet, lack of exercise, and emotional problems. Feelings of anger, fear, hatred or any other negative emotion don’t happen on an abstract level. All our internal chemistry changes – some hormones accelerate production, others stop, the blood becomes more acidic. A physical illness is very common after some kind of suffering or negative emotion.

Emotional health to prevent disease

Surely we all have some negative feelings at some point, but it’s important to learn how not to identify very closely to them. Take a walk, do a few minutes of meditation and trust that if you did the best you could, the result is not in your hands. If you didn’t do the best, do it again if it is possible, or take advantage of the lesson and do it better the next time.

Do not spread your viruses

To finish, it is good to remember to take extra care when we are sick so we don’t spread our viruses to others. Hot ginger tea, resting, light foods and plenty of liquid help the body to regain balance. Homeopathic remedies help you recover faster or even prevent a cold from going forward, if taken as soon as you feel the first symptoms.

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

Homeopathic consultations

Full homeopathic consultation (90 minutes of consultation and two free follow-ups for 180 CAD) or emergency and recent problems consultation (30 minutes of consultation and a free follow-up by 50 CAD).

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Nov 162015

Homeopathy season changes

Every new season our bodies suffer stress to adapt to new weather conditions, and fortunately, homeopathy can help. The change itself is not a big problem if we are strong and our energy levels are up. But if during these times we feel sadness, anger or disappointment, it lowers our immunity and a cold or flu can take us by surprise.

Among many homeopathic remedies for these conditions I would like to share a very good one, especially for the beginning of the influenza process. It is able to bring a great improvement by preventing the cold from turning into a more serious condition.

Allium Cepa


  • Allium cepa homeopathic medicine is suitable for the beginning of colds with watery coryza. The typical secretions of Allium Cepa is a coryza and lacrimation which are burning and watery. Nose, throat,larynx and bronchi are affected.
  • Allium Cepa homeopathic remedy is indicated for seasonal changes that come with cold and wind, for flu and colds caused by sudden chills and cold drafts. A peculiar characteristic of this remedy is that the person becomes worse not only when exposed to cold temperatures, but also in a warm room.


Suggested potency: 6CH, 12CH or 30CH, 3 pellets every 2 hours up to four times daily, for a maximum of 2 days.  When taking homeopathy, if the symptoms persist after 2 days, a professional evaluation is necessary. It is important to increase the time between doses and stop taking it as you feel improvement. When complete cure is achieved, stop taking the remedy altogether.

Important: if the flu or cold have different characteristics from the ones mentioned above, the remedy indicated is not Allium cepa, and another remedy should be found, according to the symptoms presented.

Under the tongue

The pellets should be put under the tongue, directly from the vial, and allowed to dissolve slowly. Do not touch them. If necessary you can dissolve them in a little water to facilitate it’s administration.


If it is liquid, you can put the drops directly under the tongue, or dissolve the drops in one tablespoon of water, and hold it for 10 seconds before swallowing.

Find more information about first aid remedies in the e-book “Homeopathic Remedies to Keep at Hand“.

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

Maria Alves, DCHM, HOM
Registered Homeopath
#15222 – College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada
Classical Homeopathy
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Oct 012015

homeopathic medicines travel kit

Homeopathic medicines for first aid for your travel kit

Using homeopathy for various types of problems, it was a surprise to me to discover that homeopathic remedies are great for emergencies, such as falls, burns, bruises, shocks, bumps, and others.

Unfortunately, when I got hit on the head by a wind-surf mast, I didn’t know that a homeopathic remedy (in that case Arnica) would have helped heal my emotional shock, and the injury. Despite being seen by a doctor at the hotel who ensured that everything was fine, the bad feeling that remained could have been eliminated with Arnica.

Moving pains

It was great to discover that Pulsatilla is good for pains that change place, which reminds me of a trip to India many years ago. My friend Lili began to feel a pain that changed place. All that I could do was a massage and I joked with her that in fact she wanted a complete massage, because the pain went from the back to the leg, then to the stomach and so on. At that time I already used homeopathy, but I didn’t know about its importance as a first aid remedy.

Pain worse by movement

On last winter, a friend injured a nerve in his shoulder, shoveling snow from the sidewalk. The pain was intense and got worse at the slightest movement. He took Bryonia and improvement was rapid and definitive.

Emotional shock

I cut a finger and it bled so much that I got scared and went into shock. It was literally “shocking” because that had never happened to me. Fortunately I could tell my husband to give me four globules of Arnica. It took only a few seconds to stop the shaking and calm me down.

When a consultation with an Homeopath is necessary

  • When you have a chronic condition
  • When you take a first aid remedy and don’t ameliorate in up to three days
  • If you have recurrent diseases and need help to choose the best first aid remedies

So let’s go to the list. It certainly does not cover all possibilities, but it will be of great help in an emergency,  when you’re in the woods, in some distant country, on an airplane or even in car accident near, in the city.

homeopathic medicines travel kit 2


Arnica is the homeopathic remedy  for accidents when the person is in a state of terror, and for any kind of shock and sudden fright. It is very good to be taken at the moment of the event, but also for events that happened in the past (when the sensation of fear remains).

Arnica prevents or reduces bruising, and is indicated for blows to the head. It is very helpful when all body is painful from excessive exertion. It is also good to use during one to two weeks before surgery, continuing for about two weeks after, to prevent or diminish hematomas.

Arsenicum album

For poisoning with vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. For Anxiety, fear, and shortness of breath caused by anxiety.


For severe pains from injury, made worse by movement. When the nerve hurts deep inside. For pains from hard work.


Promotes a good cicatrization, and prevents scars and keloids. It also helps to take away the pain of cuts, and it is good for insect bites and sunburns.


For bruises in areas rich in nerves. For crushed fingers, cuts to the tongue and genitals.

Veratrum album

For sudden collapse in which the person becomes pale, cold and thinks they are going to die. There may be cold sweating, nausea, and cramps.

Dose and potency


For general purposes 30CH potency is a good choice. Take 4 pellets under the tongue for adults and 2 for children, twice to four times per day.

When you are a 100% better stop the homeopathic medicine.

Care with your homeopathic medicines

Make your kit and whenever you travel take it with you. Put the remedies in a transparent bag, so that in airports you can request that security leave them out of the X-ray machine.

Don’t let your homeopathic remedies near camphor and heat. Make sure they are out of reach of children.

For more details and more remedies see the booklet:

Homeopathic Remedies to Keep at Hand

This post is for educational purposes only, and it is not intended to replace medical treatment.

Maria Alves, DCHM, HOM
Registered Homeopath
#15222 – College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada
Classical Homeopathy
For in-person consultations in Toronto and Durham Area, please call 289-892-3011 or send an e-mail. Remote consultations over Skype available.

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Sep 172015

homeopathy for children

Back to school can be a challenging time for children, leading to physical and emotional ailments which can be treated with homeopathy. This moment of enthusiasm also brings stress, and with it some diseases when the child somatises emotions.

When that happens, a homeopathic remedy can help because it acts in the body and emotions, allowing the child to release feelings that would otherwise show up as physical symptoms.


Low Immunity

For example, children who already have a low immune system are very likely to catch diseases caused by viruses. Anxiety from separating from the mother can cause breathing problems and asthma. Facing bullies can be even more difficult if the child is shy or has low self-esteem.

Usually these problems are transient and are a part of life, but homeopathic medicines can be of great help, especially if the child already is predisposed to having certain kinds of diseases. In those cases a constitutional remedy would help improve health as a whole.

It is very important that constitutional weaknesses be addressed during childhood, when the life force is very strong and responds quickly to homeopathy. Being highly dynamic (by the process of dynamization/potentization) homeopathic remedies easily penetrate the cells, supplying the nutrients they need, and stimulating the life force to achieve self-balance.

Mineral Deficiency

For example, if the child has signs of calcium deficiency (slow development, delayed or slow dentition, late walking or talking) taking supplements of this mineral is often not effective. If the child’s problem is difficulty to absorb calcium, it is unlikely that the supplement will be absorbed as well. But when taking calcium in potentized form, a positive response is very fast.

Forgetting to Drink Water

homeopathy for children

Another point to which parents should be aware of is the fact that in some schools teachers do not pay attention to the amount of water that children take, and they return home with their water and juice intact. Many children also avoid drinking in order not to go to the bathroom because it is dirty. Suppressing the natural movements of the bowels and bladder can lead to serious consequences, and it is up to the parents to demand that schools have better hygiene conditions.

Stress Signs

Signs of stress and tension can be identified in the child’s attitudes and conduct, such as nail biting, aggressive or passive behaviour, and trying to avoid certain people or places.

Take advantage of special discounts for children and teenagers

This information has only educational purposes and is not intended to treat any diseases, or replace medical treatment.

Maria Alves, DCHM, HOM
Registered Homeopath

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Aug 162015

Arnica montana

Homeopathy Arnica

Homeopathic remedies, such as Arnica montana, are wonderful for first aid and some emergency situations. In severe instances you should seek medical help/hospital immediately, but in less serious cases the homeopathic remedy can bring excellent and fast results.

Even in severe cases, while waiting for the arrival of the doctor or on the way to the hospital, homeopathic remedies can be given, which many times bring quick amelioration.

For chronic diseases, self-medication with Homeopathy is not recommended. More serious or long lasting problems need to be repertorized by an expert in homeopathy to avoid the risk of choosing the wrong remedy.

Arnica montana is native to the mountains of Europe and Siberia, and cultivated in North America. Arnica’s medicinal properties has been known for centuries. They come from various active ingredients that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Arnica montana external use

Arnica montana- Homeopathic Remedy Internal and External Use

The main external use of Arnica montana in the form of cream or ointment, is for contusions, bruises, sprains, muscle pain, joints pain, superficial phlebitis and insect bites. Never use it on open wounds or any opening in the skin.

Arnica montana internal use

Internally, homeopathic Arnica helps the body heal wounds and clear bruises (dark or blue stains due to a diffused infiltration of blood in the subcutaneous tissue). For families with children, it is of great help to have it at hand. It helps when the whole body aches from too much physical work, and pain from bruises in general.

Arnica montana for Prevention

Arnica is used worldwide to prevent bruising resulting from cosmetic surgery.

Arnica montana for emotional frights and shocks

Arnica is the number one remedy for shocks and sudden fears. In a situation of emotional trauma, as for example in a car crash, Arnica will bring balance, dissipating the shock.

Suggested doses

Arnica homeopathic

Internally Arnica montana should only be taken in homeopathic way, which is a very small and diluted dose, as it is toxic in raw doses.

  • Shock

    In case of shock, take 1 globule of Arnica 200CH. Repeat later, if necessary.

  • Plastic surgery

    As a preventive for plastic surgery, doctors usually indicate Arnica 4D, to be taken 3 times a day (4 pellets each time), starting two weeks before surgery, and taking a week thereafter. Ask your doctor about the dose and frequency that are ideal for your case.

  • Hematoma

    Take Arnica 6CH, 12CH or 30CH until the skin is clear. Use the Arnica cream three times per day.

  • Bruises and muscular injury

    Take Arnica 30CH for up to 2 weeks. If you don’t feel amelioration after the first doses, look for help to find the correct remedy.

How to take the homeopathic remedy

homeopathy arnica montana

Place the pellet(s) under the tongue directly from the vial lid (do not come into direct contact with them), and allow them to dissolve slowly. If necessary, dilute them in a little water and keep it into the mouth for 10 seconds, before swallowing.

Avoid coffee, toothpaste or even food 10 minutes before and after taking your homeopathic remedy.

If you are giving it to babies or for people unable to put the pellets under the tongue, just dissolve the pellets in a tablespoon of water and give it with a teaspoon or syringe. The same goes for animals.

This information has only educational purposes and is not intended to treat any diseases, or replace medical treatment.

Maria Alves, DCHM, HOM
Registered Homeopath
#15222 – College of Homeopaths of Ontario, Canada
Classical Homeopathy
For in-person consultations in Toronto and Durham Area, please call 289-892-3011 or send an e-mail. Remote consultations over Skype available, for chronic an acute cases.

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