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If you find that negative thoughts and moos are starting to control the life, take steps before stress can weigh you down. Now, read on this article to learn ways to control negative thoughts and moods and then replace them with positive thoughts.

  1. Start Your Day With 5 Good Things

The first one on the list of ways to control negative thoughts and moods is that you can start your day by thinking of 5 positive things. They do not have to be ambitious things, but simple things like the sound of a good song or the smell of a cup of coffee. Saying them out loud means that you start your day focusing on positive things.

  1. Remove Negative Words From Your Vocabulary

You should not apply extreme terms like ”disaster” and “terrible” to minor inconveniences and annoyances. Removing these negative words from your vocabulary can help you make negative experiences healthier. Replace these words with positive thoughts or praise. “Terrible” can become “unfortunate” and “disaster” can become “ challenge” and “inconvenience”.

  1. Accept The Change

When an unwanted event happens, if you want to move away it faster, then you have to learn how to accept this unwanted event. Although acceptance may sound intuitive, it is not. If you want to accept new events, then you should be aware of the psychology of acceptance.

  1. Practice Healthy Habits

While negative thinking can cause stress, other unhealthy habits can contribute to the stress as well. So, practicing healthy habits is actually an effective way to distract the mind from negative thoughts. Try to consume fresh and nutritious foods if possible, regularly exercise and have enough sleep. Also, avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or any of the other habits that may put strain on the body.

  1. Get Around Funny People

Experts have found that happiness is contagious. If you are down, you should get around other happy people. Who can make you laugh? Who can know how to find joy and peace in the challenges or chaos? That is who you should go out with.

  1. Do Something Fun

Research says that negative thoughts and emotions are more powerful than positive thoughts and emotions. So, you need at least 3 positive thoughts to overcome the negatives you are facing. One way to do that is to do something fun. What do you often do to have fun? What brings you joy? Add more of it into the life today.

  1. Find A Therapist

When it comes to ways to control negative thoughts and moods, you can consider finding a therapist. If you feel that you are down by your unwanted negative events, you may benefit from talking to a therapist, apart from practicing positive thinking exercises. You should look for a therapist who has trained in Cognitive-behavioral therapy. The therapist will help you train the mind to think positively. In order to find a good therapist, ask a friend or someone else around you who has experienced counsel or therapy before. Keep in mind that it may take more than a single session to help you control your negative thoughts.

After reading this article about 7 ways to control negative thoughts and moods, I hope that these effective ways may be helpful. If you know other ways to deal with negative thoughts, share them with other readers by leaving your comments below.

Author Bio: Lien Nguyen – Writer and Blogger, who has more than 6 years of experience in the industry of Health and Skincare. I work for and Healthy Guide – reliable resources that help readers solve all their health, beauty concerning, and many other issues in life. I also focus on nutrition, relationship, fitness, lifestyle, men and women’s issues. Find more of my articles on Pinterest  or Facebook.

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