MRI Proves Acupuncture Point Vision Specificity

A new MRI investigation confirms that acupuncture point UB60, located in the ankle region, regulates vision. This new study builds on the research conducted at the University of California, Irvine wherein "MRI Proves Acupuncture Point Vision Specificity"

Acupuncture Protects Brain Cells From Stroke – New Study

New research demonstrates that acupuncture stimulates brain cell proliferation in the cerebrum. The researchers note that electroacupuncture “exerts a neuroprotective effect in ischemic stroke.” T "Acupuncture Protects Brain Cells From Stroke – New Study"

New Finding – Acupuncture Eases Urination Bladder Pain

A new study concludes that acupuncture needling combined with moxibustion improves the condition of patients with refractory interstitial cystitis, a urination bladder disorder. Interstitial cystitis involves "New Finding – Acupuncture Eases Urination Bladder Pain"

Acupuncture Stops Pain Via Brain Pathways

New research confirms that acupuncture reduces pain levels. Investigators discovered that electroacupuncture decreases pain by regulating the expression of several proteins in the hypothalamus, a part of the "Acupuncture Stops Pain Via Brain Pathways"

Acupuncture Revived From Cutting Room Floor In Iron Man 3

Acupuncture gets revived from the cutting room floor in the film Iron Man 3. The Chinese release of the film Iron Man 3 features a three minute segment wherein the protagonist Tony Stark, played by Robert Dow "Acupuncture Revived From Cutting Room Floor In Iron Man 3"

Acupuncture Channels Transmit Electricity- New Study

A new study finds unique electrical phenomena through acupuncture meridians, channels. Researchers discovered that needling proximal acupuncture points causes significantly increased bioelectric amplit "Acupuncture Channels Transmit Electricity- New Study"
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